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Past Classes and Events...
Protect Your Energy
Tarot Empowerment

Sound and Light
Tarot for Chakra Healing
Summer 2021 Apprenticeships

Creating Family Rhythms at the Byron Public Library
The Great Conversation Podcast: Understanding Shadow Work and Your Shadow Self
Winter 2020/2021 Apprenticeships
Fall 2020 Community Apprenticeships
Reiki Level I at The Calm Company
Reiki Level II at The Calm Company
Kitchen Medicine Workshop at the Calm Company, Ida Public Library
Herbalism for Kids at the Ida Public Library
Herbalism for Adults at the Ida Public Library
RCL Healthy Living Fair
CCU of Rockford Wellness Fair
Beginner's Herbalism and Kitchen Medicine
Community Reiki
Sound and Light: Soundbath and Reiki Meditations
Introduction to Medicinal Mushrooms at the Calm Company
Female Energy Art Show
Introduction to Vibrational Healing: Reiki I & Essences at School of Witchery, Plant Coven, and Scared Craft Academy