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Custom Flower Essence

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Vibrational essences are a beautiful and magical way to connect ourselves to the Earth and the divine. Setting our intentions and making that connection is a wonderful form of healing in its own right – by doing so we are trusting our partnership in the universe and with each other, acknowledging that all this space is our space together. And then by taking that vibrational energy and bringing it in to our bodies we absorb all that love. We trust what the flowers and stones are teaching us, and we learn and heal from the experience.
Like all energetic practices, some principles can be proved, and others must be believed and felt. I believe that vibrational essences are no less divine than tarot or astrology. These tools do not work simply because we want them to, they work because the energy is present and active.
My Flower Essence Session is a one on one consultation to create a custom flower essence blend and includes: Consultations done using a clinical approach, intuitive approach, and following a energetic scan.
Review of flower essence suggestions.
A 2ounce custom made flower essence created on site and handout on your blend and usage.
Shipping is included.

All consultations will be done via video call or email, depending on your preferences.

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Taking herbal medicine is a personal choice and we assume no liability in any decisions you make regarding your healthcare or products you take.

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