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Online Reiki Level 2 Class

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You have been attuned to Reiki I, been practicing on yourself and perhaps others and have felt called (sometimes urged) to progress to the next level. This is Reiki’s way of letting you know it is time to continue your path of evolution and growth. In Reiki 2 you will learn:

Healing Principles
Reiki Level II and the Sacred Reiki Symbols
Reiki II Introduction to the Sacred Reiki Symbols
The Power Symbol
The Emotional Symbol
The Distance Healing Symbol
Distance Healing Exercise
Methods of Distance Healing
Advanced Healing Points and Chakras
1. Additional Healing Points
2. Cleansing all Chakras in a Session with Symbols
The Three Pillars of Reiki
Other energy exercises
What’s Next?
Resource Guide

My classes work like this: you register and pay and I send you the manual. You work through the course material at your speed and contact me for your distance attunement. If someone would like a FaceTime appointment to run through anything I am available for that as well. If you are local you can also choose to have your attunement and a q&a session done in person.

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