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Online Reiki Level 3 Class

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Reiki is a return to the ancient past and a birthing of the unknown future...Coming from a culture where compassion and oneness are paramount, Reiki brings peaceful values back to planet Earth. It is gentle and noninvasive; it never causes pain or does harm. In a world of suffering, Reiki is a refuge of well-being...It cannot be misused, or twisted into evil, or taken away from the healer – the Reiki guides knew what sort of world would need it and have seen to its protection...
In this time of change and violence on Earth, Reiki is part of planetary healing. It belongs to everyone and Earth herself. It is the greatest single potential for good that can be given to the people of this planet. In the Earth’s beginning cultures, Reiki was universal. It was wired into our genetic systems, our DNA...Now is the time to be bringing Reiki back to all...This is a call to action - to bring Reiki back to people and make it universal as it was meant to be. Heal the people of this planet, heal the animals, heal the Earth, heal human awareness...Now is the time. - Diane Stein
In Reiki Level 3 you will learn:
One: So, what even IS Reiki after all...
Two: The Usui Master Symbol
Three: Tibetan (Non-Traditional) Symbols
Four: Reiki Grids
Five: Aura Clearing Technique
Six: Usui Master Attunement
Seven: Where do we go from here...
Resource Guide

My classes work like this: you register and pay and I send you the manual. You work through the course material at your speed and contact me for your distance attunement. If someone would like a FaceTime appointment to run through anything I am available for that as well. If you are local you can also choose to have your attunement and a q&a session done in person.

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