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Rose Elixir

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~ Love. Healing. Protection. ~

A heart and blood tonic, with anti-spasmodic properties, roses are known for the ability to soothe the nervous system, move stuck grief, and help us during times of transition and change. Rose can help you revitalize the beauty in life when resignation, lack of hope, giving up, exhaustion, fatigue has set in. Roses help give us the will to keep going, bringing joy and commitment to life when we are feeling apathetic and paralyzed. Softening all the places that have hardened. Roses help to restore our vitality, and also offers protection for the tenderest parts of our being. The essence of Roses teaches that life is a sacred and precious opportunity, which the soul must make every effort to embrace. This elixir is a heart opener and spirit soother.

Made with roses, vodka, honey, and rose flower essence. Suggested Use: Take 1-3 drops daily when needed with intention.

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