Winter Magic Essence

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Winter is a time to rest, be cozy, forgive, and cherish all that you hold dear – sure its cold and gloomy, but if you look closely and see that there is beauty in the slumbering world as well. This essence was created to enchant you by invoking joy, wonder, and love of the winter season, provide motivation when your limbs are heavy, clarity when your brain is foggy, unconditional love for all living and sleeping things, peace of heart, and an optimistic outlook.

Ingredients: pine, oak, holly, and mustard flower essences, amanita muscaria mushroom essence, crisp winter air, twinkling lights, candlelight & carols, cinnamon extract, orange extract, chaga mushroom, cranberry vodka, honey, and purified water.

Take 1-3 drops when needed 1-3 times a day.

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