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Full Moon in Scorpio Eclipse

Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio

I think it's safe to assume this eclipse season has many of us feeling weird. Out of sorts.

Anxious? Fearful? Even paranoid?

This eclipse full moon is doing all that and maybe sprinkling a few more uncomfortable feelings. Our shadow selves are showing up and wanting us to address our fears and the darker parts within.

Our shadow self is a term used for everything we can't see in ourself. Our disowned personality containing qualities we repress in hope ignoring them is they way to cast them out. They can also be our subconscious self that will quietly stall us, that tell us in order to stay safe we must stay small. To be a mouse when actually we are a tiger.

And the best way to integrate our shadow is with observation, honesty, and release. We need to release negative connotations of our darker selves. They are a part of us, they are primitive, and having fear/rage/greed/envy/selfishness/desire/want for power/etc does not make us bad or not good or unworthy, they make us human.

We have to face it and accept this part of ourself. Because what we disown can turn against us. When are willing to observe and accept the darker attributes of our selves it makes it easier to dole out true self love.

Accept it and let go. This is the time to release the negativity and move from living fearfully, to joyfully.

To stop waiting for life to happen to you, but let you happen to life.

To be a tiger and own it.

To give our energy and power to things that truly matter.

Let the changes unfold. Trust what happens is for the good of our life's purpose and that nothing that is meant for us will be taken away. Life will always be unfixed, and that is exciting.


Full Moon Release and Forgiveness Ritual: 

The full moon in general is a time to release pent up energy, the past, and offer forgiveness to others and especially yourself. 

You will need:  

A candle/incense/oil/your favorite stone/etc...

A piece of paper + pen 

Create a cozy space yourself with your candle/incense/oil/your favorite stone/etc…

Take a dropperful of Full Moon essence.

Cleanse and purify the air burning incense or diffusing oils.

Connect to your senses. 

Ground yourself by taking deep breaths, feeling your energy root into the Earth. Bring awareness to your breath - inhale 4 counts, hold four counts, exhale 4 counts. Do this a few times to center yourself. 

Write on the piece of paper what you intend to release from your life. What limiting beliefs do you want to be free from?  

What is no longer serving you?  

What emotions need to be healed and forgiven? 

Let it go. Say aloud or to yourself “I now release (your intention)” Let the universe handle it from here. 

Forgive it. Sit in silence for a moment. Let all the negativity you have toward these problems drain away by forgiving the situation or person (even if it’s you) and give yourself and the Universe/higher power/religious figure/guides/etc. gratitude and thanks for being there.



At the peak, I allow things to unfold.

I accept that life is mutable, always liable to change.

I work with my darkness, accepting and forgiving my shadow self.

Forgiveness of self and others will set me free.

I replace fear with play.

Fulfillment can be found in the unknown.

Joy can be found in the simplest of things.

This is a time of magic and regeneration.


Collective Tarot Pull

The Snake: Guardian of unawakened potential & creative potential, rebirth, creative life force, shedding what is no longer necessary

The energy of the snake:

In the Chinese zodiac snakes are associated with fire. Fire is symbolic of passion, energy, enthusiasm, and sexuality. In tarot, fire represents the Suit of Wands. Wands are associated with primal energy, spirituality, inspiration, determination, strength, intuition, creativity, ambition, expansion, and original thought.

As above, so below - there is unity and correspondences in all beginnings and endings.

Abracadabra - I create as I speak.

Actions of the snake:

Letting our old selves die and heal, as new selves emerge.

An opening of new channels of awareness.

Resolving old issues so we may see things in new light.

Remaining close to the Earth, grounded in its magic.

The snake represents represents our highest and untapped potential.

What would life look like if you woke it up?

Snake energy in balance: prosperous, creative, charismatic

Snake energy out of balance: starts and stops many things

To bring in to balance: meditation, tapping in to the magic within, completing a creative process (do the damn thing)


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