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June Energy Tarot Reading

June is a very embodied time. We have fully arrived in the solar season, and yang energy prevails. Yang energy is a masculine force that is associated with activity, warmth, and light. It can also be described as expansive, energetic, and positive. Yang energy is represented by open spaces, bright colors, and hot environments. And here we are, ready to get our there and spend our days and nights open to whatever comes next. It is natural to feel present and connected in Summer. We are comfortable with the overstimulation. We feel rejuvenated and curious. The whole world feels magical. It is so easy to try and savor every last bit.  

This is the time of pleasure and fun. Summer carries the energy of vitality and the feeling of an ultimate connection to our lives. We feel like we have returned to our true self. Feeling confident and  full of life. It is the culmination of the sun's power, it is the culmination of our power. 

There is also a dark vulnerability in the power of the sun...burnout, fear of missing out, working too hard, playing too hard.  It is easy to get distracted. Making it all that much more important to keep ourselves anchored and have boundaries around our energy. Rest and mindfulness will always help keep us in check. We have to taste both actions and balance them to truly enjoy this bountiful season. Work hard, play hard, rest harder. 

The rising summer energy is powerful for acting on our intentions, making things happen, and growing our creative projects, our relationships, and our practices. As we head in the the solstice portal - with so much manifestation power available it can get hard to decide which road to take and where to go next.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed, underwhelmed, stressed, indecisive, and/or exhausted, remember to:

Go outside. Go swimming. Nap in the sun. Play. Rest. Stare at the moon. Stare at a tree. Meditate. Dance. Sing loudly. Go berry picking. Eat wild foods.

Do whatever you can to connect to the positive attributes of this world and remember it’s always time to ground yourself and that Abundance. Is. Not. Fleeting.

May we all be blessed with a lovely, rich, fertile, and pleasurable June.




The great Elk represents the Earth element in its masculine form. This means it provides underlying support and stability amidst lifé's many changes. An Elk personality (whether male or female) is fully established in themselves and knows their core values. They become known and respected for acting in ways that uphold those values. sometimes the Elk's ego can become inflated, but for the most part they make damn good fathers, mothers, lovers, and friends. The world needs more Elk energy.

WHEN IN BALANCE: supportive, kind, consistent

WHEN OUT OF BALANCE: pretentious, high and mighty

TO BRING INTO BALANCE: eat and drink more consciously

*From the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Guidebook


Essence: making, telling, rising, shucking, taking, breaking, building, filling, commanding, giving

A lingam is a symbol of generative and destructive power, and is said to represent the union of masculine and feminine energies. The lingam's shape is said to represent the masculine, while its appearance represents the feminine, creating a yin and yang energy that can bring balance and protection. The lingam and its base together signify the union of Shiva and Shakti, the masculine and feminine energies.The male archetype, the God, in his house of Creation. This is the giver, and the taker. The male principle in history and society is that of making his mark, erecting his strength as pillars upon the Earth, and creating a legacy all his own. Self-care is practical, robust, proactive, and sometimes even aggressive. Proliferating his seed across the mountains and plains, his excitement tied to his lust, and his lust a force of nature.

Suggestion: Use this sigil to manifest God energy into your life. Embody the energies of lust, proactivity, andand consider how you would like to create your legacy. Meditate upon the louder centres of the mind, and how to utilize them for your highest good.

Meditate upon the aggression in your nature, and how to channel it in ways that do not cause harm.

Manifestation Mantra: The power of the God resides in my legacy.

*From the Serpentfire Oracle


The father, protection, logic, stability, structure, discipline, order.

How can you become more assertive and stand up others, for yourself, your values, and your beliefs?

What in your life needs organization and discipline?

What areas could benefit from more structure?

Contemplate your role as protector: What can you guard and keep safe in the world?

Create structure and process: Rules and structured methods can be helpful in getting things done. If there is chaos at play, develop an outline and make a plan.

Get disciplined: When it comes to reaching your goals, try to take a step-by-step approach breaking down the bigger picture.

Say what you mean: If there's something you need to express but you’re keeping quiet for the sake of keeping the peace, now is the time to respectfully communicate. If you’re not in a position to speak it aloud, write it out and burn the piece of paper. or creatively put it out there. Expression comes in many forms.

Establish boundaries: Think about who or what will you allow in your space. What is strictly not permitted? Establish your own set of boundaries and guard them. Respect the boundaries of others.


Slow down so you can observe and absorb all of the sweet simple pleasures available.

Celebrate yourself for whatever small or large accomplishments you've accumulated in the last six months. Release anything from the last six months that you no longer need to hold on to - forgive and let it go!

Eat the berries and the foods that are locally in season.

Stay grounded within your body.

Seek out pleasure.

Embody the sweetness of life.

Be confident.

Lose time outside.

Cultivate a sense of wonder.

Develop a morning meditation routine.

Seek light, lightness, and presence however you can.

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