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Updated: Mar 6

The Knight of Wands + Movement

March is such a strange month. We begin the month ensconced in feminine energy with watery Pisces season and end in the masculine and fiery Aries season. The month itself is a big yin and yang cycle. Yin is negative, dark, and feminine, Yang positive, bright, and masculine. Their interaction is thought to maintain the harmony of the universe and to influence everything within it, but the cycle occuring so rapidly in one month can feel jarring. Pisces the dreamer has us hitting the snooze button to finish the dream from the comfort of our warm beds. Aries starts the astrological year on the Spring Equinox, like a hard kick to get up and get moving (hello daylight savings). I swear I can hear Kim Kardashian saying "Get your f**cking ass up and work" in relation to the month of March...

But Aries energy is right, it's time to get up, there is sooooo much to do and we have to start somewhere - cleaning, garden prepping, planning, moving more, getting our bodies used to a quicker lifestyle. It can be wide exhausting swing of the pendulum. It is our work this month to find a balance, a space of equilibrium in that swing. To dive deep into our emotions with Pisces, then channel that intensity into action with Aries.

When I intuitively pulled these cards I was not surprised, they were so spot on for March. By definition, "march" means moving steadily with purpose.

: to move along steadily usually with a rhythmic stride and in step with others

: to move in a direct purposeful manner

: to make steady progress

March moves us energetically from the Heart chakra energy to Solar Plexus, and activates our ability to be confident, assertive, and make decisions from a place of inner wisdom and inner power. This shift allows us to undergo change or development.

March becomes fire energy.

March becomes cardinal energy.

It is a dynamic initiation in to a greater force requiring assertion, drive, and willpower.



Keywords: charming. adventurous. fired up. brave. hasty. eager. temperamental. ambitious. capricious. unpredictable.

Wands = fire, an active, outward moving element.

The Knight of Wands is a one man victory parade. He is a beacon of self-confidence and assurance. The energy of this card is that of being alive and vital, radiating outwards without inhibition. The Knight of Wands definitely has some swagger in his stride. His self-confidence is admirable, even if it's a smidge cocky. He stares straight ahead – he might have a plan, but he often doesn't seem to have a back up plan. The Knight of Wands is constantly seeking new adventures. He’s fired-up about life, and always engaged in one thing or another. His priority is following his next great adventure, but he struggles to enjoy the present moment.

This Knight channels his excitement and motivation into creative action. Fueled by fire, he launches himself into projects with gusto. Some may call him reckless; others call him courageous. He is spontaneous, impatient, and prefers action over asking questions. This can lead him into trouble, but he handles it with style. He charges into situations with only his brave spirit and his confidence. Don't let overthinking slow you down, but STAY PRESENT to all the energies around. We can march towards excitement, but we need to be cautious of the implications of our actions. The Knights are the metaphorical teenagers of the court cards. As such, their relationship with the energy of their suit is somewhat inconsistent. Therefore the Knight of Wands is full of enthusiasm for life, but may also be restless or easily agitated. He is willing to take risks, but sometimes those risks flop. There is a gentle warning in this card that being mindful while marching forward is imperative.

Questions to ask ourselves:

Can you pick a goal and go for it?

How spontaneous are you?

Do you often get bogged down by details?

How do you deal with an unpredictable environment?

Your greatest allies will be your courage and confidence.

What feels hot to you right now?

How can you dive headfirst into what lights you up?

Actionable steps:

Trust you can handle new situations: Part of heading down an unknown path courageously is knowing you can deal with situations as they arise. Work less on planning and more on your courage.

Keep your goal in sight: Don't lose sight of what you're here for. Keep your vision in mind and march toward it with determination.

Charge forward: Now is the time for action.

You may be going into a situation a little blind, but sometimes in order to accomplish your desires, you have to act now and ask questions later.

Make commitments: Keep yourself accountable. If you're someone who starts a lot of projects without finishing them, make sure you stick with them. Find an accountability partner or break things down into smaller goals. Do anything that keeps your passion alive.

Be flexible: Sometimes being like water can bring more success than acting like a stone.

Water flows around obstacles, while a stone will eventually break under continued pressure. You may find more success if you are more adaptable and less stubborn.



Physical movement can quickstart major shifts in our internal and external worlds. While this movement can take any form, keep in mind that the type of movement we do can invite in the emotions and experiences associated with it. Intense and vigorous movement can help us access our motivation, power and fire. Slow and methodical movements can help us tap into our deeper feelings and is especially helpful in releasing, healing and deeper work. When we move our body, we are allowing any stuck or stagnant energies within us to flow, bringing space for the new.

Questions to ask ourselves:

What type of movement do you need?

How can you incorporate it into your day more?

Associations with this card:

Snake: Just about every culture in the world has feared and revered the snake. They have become a powerful symbol of rebirth and transformation due to the shedding of their skin. But there is so much to learn about the snake, especially from how it slithers. it has taken science a long time to understand how a snake moves, and moves fast, without legs. Initially it was thought that they used their immediate environment to propel themselves forward, ie: pushing off of rocks. But eventually it was revealed that they use their scales to create friction with the earth's surface (even tiny grains of sand) and that friction, combined with contracting their powerful muscles, pushes them forward. We can call on Snake as a teacher for using the friction in our life as an opportunity for movement.

Dandelion: Dandelion has gotten a reputation of being an annoying weed, but in reality, this little plant packs a powerful punch. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals: vitamin C, fiber, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus (to name a few). It holds incredible medicine for our digestive system, in particular our stomach, liver and pancreas. It supports us by stimulating the function of each organ while simultaneously detoxifying - in other words, it gets things moving. Emotionally, dandelion can support us in the same way. It can remove toxic imprints within your subtle bodies and attune you to a vibrant, empowered state. It is also an amazing Solar Plexus plant to bring in to the body. In addition to dandelion, I also highly recommend introducing nettles in to your supplementary routines for spring. Both plants help clean out our metabolic, immune, and lymphatic systems from winter.

Fire Opal: Fire opal is a stunning bright orange/red stone discovered in areas where volcanoes and hot springs have been active. Compare a volcano to our internal landscape: the magma/lava is our life force, our passion and vibrancy. The layers of earth are the metaphorical blocks or limiting beliefs, ie: "I am too embarrassed to go to that dance class"/ "I want to learn how to draw but hate not being good at something." Fire Opal is the stone the helps us move through those layers of fear and shame, allowing our passion and lust for experience to take hold. Call on Fire Opal as a guide to restoring movement where you have stuckness.

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