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Passionate Pursuits

Earlier this summer I was asked to be on the podcast Passionate Pursuits, and I reluctantly agreed. Reluctant only because I can be a bit shy and uncomfortable when interviewed. But I said yes because I personally enjoy the podcast and knew the host would help me feel at ease. It's taken me a week since it's release to even listen to it, mostly because I was scared I did a horrible job. But after writing yesterday's Full Moon blog post I knew I had to practice what I preach, face my fears, and give myself a chance. So this morning I sat outside drinking my coffee and listened. This is rare glimpse of me just talking about myself, what I believe, and why I started this business.

In this episode I was invited into an exploration of the energetics of seasonal change; the magic and comfort of nostalgia, traditions, and rituals; and the importance of intention setting. I also discuss the origin story of my healing journey and my business.

Passionate Pursuits, powered by Querns Coaching LLC, is hosted by Bridget Querns. Her mission for this podcast is to help you flourish by exploring how ordinary people are using their strengths in extraordinary service to the world and inspiring you to do the same. If you hang out in this community of dynamic visionaries long enough, you might just find yourself transformed. Subscribe now and check us out at  

Listen to Episode 47: Heaether Johnson "What was That"

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