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Spring Energy Zine - Call for Submissions

This year long zine project was something dreamed up in the pit of the deepest exhaustion I've ever known. It felt silly and courageous and scary at the time, but it was inspired and creatively healing. The original Summer zine was an offering, and the spring issue will be the last one in this series. I don't know if I will continue to put out content in this format going forward, but I am excited to place the last stone in this year long project.

I am pretty ambivalent about this season. In fact it is my least favorite season in the year. While many see it as rising time full of promise and growth, I tend to feel stuck in the trenches clawing my way out of the mud. So it should be interesting to see what I channel for this season and I very much look forward to other submissions to counterbalance my personal struggle and overall grumpiness through this liminal season.

After I created the Summer Energy edition I felt called to bring in a community to help create something fun, something that adds delightful reverence to the love of seasonal living. This is a passion project and zines are rarely profit centers. I had to push real hard to sell issues of the Summer guide to get my money back for printing and shipping, which I put right back into a Fall zine, and then the Winter issue. I also wanted to build in a charity element and donate a certain percentage after printing costs were recouped. And extra proceeds have been donated to the Liam Foundation - a local LGBTQIA+ resource center, and Doctors Without Borders in support of their efforts on the ground in Palestine.


The theme of this project is Spring Energy. 

This will be a 5.5 x 8.5 28 page booklet, with cover and back art.

What does spring feel like? What is its vibe? What are the recurring spiritual themes present in this season? What is that “thing” that spring has that other seasons don’t?

Topics I’m looking to include:

Astrology of Spring - what does the  seasons entail, names and energetics of the full moons during these months, anything special that occurs astrologically during this time (eclipses, equinoxes, etc…)

Tarot Spreads

Herbal Energetics

Energetics and mood of the spring months - March, April, May

Spring Equinox


Spirits, ghosts, folklore, songs, legends and myth of spring

Mud, muck, and the grotesque that culminates in beauty



Air and wind




Try not to be date of year specific in your submissions in case there is a reprint. I want this to be centered around the season and not this year specifically.

Just so you get an idea I will be writing the following:

Journaling questions for each month

Wheel of the Year correspondence graphics.

And whatever else is needed and inspired when I am writing and compiling.


I will be covering compilation and editing labor, printing, shipping labor and costs to customers, and promotion on my channels - Instagram, blog, online shop, and website.

You are welcome to promote on your channels as well.

You will receive 2 hard copies and a pdf format of the issue. If you want to print off copies, or post on your blog or Patreon from the pdf that is fine too, the file is yours to do what you wish.


The deadline for submissions is February 28, 2024. 

I will send out one deadline reminder. 

I do not want to censor or tweak your work. Other than basic grammatical editing, what you submit is what will go in. 

I also will not be hounding you or aggressively reminding you of anything. If you fail to meet the deadline I will just carry on.

The final deadline for printing will be December 1st, 2023. 


Please include a brief bio with your submissions that includes your name, website, social handles, or wherever people may find you. Your bio will be listed under each submission. Make them short but catchy, I want people to seek you out!

Art work:

Please submit as many pieces as you’re inspired to create or already have finished. 

I would love to have multiple pieces from artists included or have the possibility to do a multiple page layout of your work.

Submit via email in a jpeg file.


1-3 page essays on any of the topics listed above

Please account for the fact that these are half pages.

Feel free to submit multiple articles if you feel inspired to write on different topics.

Tarot Spread:

If you decide to submit a tarot spread, you need to submit a graphic of your layout and write it out. 

If you have any questions PLEASE feel free to email or direct message me on instagram. I am so excited that you are interested in submitting and I can't wait to see your viewpoint on spring!

Many Blessings,

Heaether Venetucci-Johnon

Trillium Moon

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