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Full Moon in Capricorn

Updated: Jun 18

I Accept

Radical acceptance is the process of letting go of the illusion of control and embracing a willingness to notice and accept things just as they are, without judgment. It is does not mean you don’t care about what’s happening; it’s radically accepting what’s happening as it is. It is viewing reality from a place of objectivity, making a conscious decision towards accepting that things are exactly as they are, even if they suck. The truth of things is a gift.

This Capricorn full moon is saying RISE UP.

Accept what was and is.

Accept yourself completely exactly where you are at.

Stand strong

Engage deeply with life.

When you fail, try again.

And guess what, next month’s full moon is also in Capricorn. So we are sandwiched in this energy until July, so let’s make good use of it. Capricorn is a deeply grounded Earth sign and this energy is slow, thorough, and thoughtful. It’s all about creating structure brick by brick.

Finish what you started and move on.

Plant seeds for the future, and let them take root.

Be open to opportunity by letting go.

Create new habits, traditions, and rituals, bury the ones that you don’t need anymore.

Slow down. Even though it’s summer, let’s just slow down.


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