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Reiki is a form of alternative healing that channels energy in to the body. The goal is to move, unblock, and balance energy in the physical, energetic, and spiritual body. Reiki can be a beautiful and magical way to connect to ourselves, the Earth, the divine, and can:

  • Bring about deep relaxation 

  • Accelerate natural healing

  • Foster peacefulness

  • Relax tight muscles

  • Reduce stress and tension

  • Offer relief from pain

  • Dissolve physical, emotional, and spiritual blockages

  • Strengthen spiritual connections

  • Help to release emotional wounds

  • Help change negative conditioning & behaviors

  • Improve concentration & mental clarity

  • Bring mind, body, & spirit in to balance

  • Focus the mind

  • Create a deeper connection with self

  • Is safe and gentle for all ages and all stages of life. 

A full Intuitive Reiki session includes:
Client intake and intention setting.
An intuitive Reiki healing session may include the use of crystals, color therapy, tarot, and vibrational essences to clear away any blockage of the major and minor chakras and energetic field, focusing on the areas of the body where healing is most needed.

Distance sessions are also available.

Flower Essences

Flower essences are the energetic imprint of flowers captured in water. They contain no plant matter, but the energy of the flower. Flower essences can help rid the body of negative thought patterns and emotional blockages. Flower essences are used to address issues of emotional well-being, soul development, and mind-body health. 

Vibrational essences are a beautiful and magical way to connect ourselves to the Earth and the divine. Setting our intentions and making that connection is a wonderful form of healing in its own right – by doing so we are trusting our partnership in the universe and with each other, acknowledging that all this space is our space together. And then by taking that vibrational energy and bringing it in to our bodies we absorb all that love. We trust what the flowers and stones are teaching us, and we learn and heal from the experience.

A Flower Essence Session is a one on one consultation to create a custom flower essence blend and includes: Consultations done using a clinical approach, intuitive approach, and following a energetic scan.
Review of flower essence suggestions.
A custom made flower essence created on site and handout on your blend and usage.

Tarot Readings

There are so many more ways to use tarot than you think - it can be used for self care, guidance, divination, clarity on the present, ritual, decision making, meditation, journaling prompts, visualization, manifestation work, and on and on…

My readings focus on embodiment, where it might serve one to check in with ourselves, and how to help bring some of that unconscious energy to the surface.

Using distance Reiki techniques to scan your chakras and connect with your energetic body, tarot and oracle cards are pulled with a focus on that energetic center. Combining a tarot and oracle deck, this 3 card distance reading can either answer your own question or created and based on the themes of the season. This session is done remotely using distance Reiki techniques, not through video or phone.

Included is a detailed write up and picture of your spread via email within 30 minutes of your reading.

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