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Holding Compassion

I just got back from a six day trip to Tennessee where I was mostly unplugged from my phone and anything outside of what I was doing there. I traveled home reading about war and eclipses and fear. So before I post the New Moon post this week I wanted to say a few things to maybe ease your mind...

What goes on in the world, what has gone in the world since the dawn of man, can be horrific to bear witness to. These images require a lot of us. It is a heavy burden we carry living living and being plugged in to a global community. I do not think that we as a people have really processed this responsibility we now carry. And it is terrifying, and sad, and infuriating. It can make us feel small and helpless and scared. Because we care. Because the vast majority of people actually do care. Collective empathy and concern is infiltrating us all. And that can feel intense.

On top of that we are entering in to an eclipse season and this is where fear mongering can get really heavy. The New Moon this month will bring a solar eclipse and close with a lunar eclipse. I will talk more about them in the new moon and full moon posts, but I wanted to address what you might be seeing online.

Some astrologers and spiritual people can have a very, very superstitious outlook on eclipses. You will hear all sorts of doom and gloom messages and alarming precautions in the coming days. Cover your mirrors, don't go outside, chaos is coming, this is a Tower Moment, protect yourself at all costs, and on and on...The fact is many cultures and past peoples feared eclipses, and many did not. There is never any evidence that they are any more than fantastic celestial events that we get to luckily witness - because a lunar and solar eclipse are amazing to watch. Yes they carry energetics that intermingle with our existence which can make us feel anxious or jittery, but a curse or sign of the apocalypse they are not.

Don't allow the hype of chaos and intensity play out in your mind. Especially with the backdrop of a horrible and heart wrenching war playing out on our screens. If you feel anxious, that's okay, it means you are human. But please don't let any eclipse messaging compound on to that, it isn't necessary, and in my New Moon write up know that I will not play in to fear.

If you are safe, if you are protected, then you are safe and protected. Be grateful, don't feel ashamed, and don't allow wonky messaging to take that away from you. Don't let fear alter the compassion and love and care you are sending to those living through hell on earth right now.

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