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Making Changes

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Sometimes change happens to you, and sometimes you just change things.

All month I've agonized about how this blog can fulfill itself and get new subscribers. Many times now I've almost just shut it down - out of frustration and when the unfortunate the creative blocks happen. But I never give up, I just make changes.

I'm very, very grateful for those who have subscribed, and I want to provide something of value for your monetary exchange. So I have changed the subscription tiers.

The STAR subscrition will remain the same - a blog only subscription for $1.11.

The SUN subscription which is $5.55 will now offer a seasonal flower essence mailed to you every equinox and solstice. This may include essences I already make like Autumn Magic and Winter Magic, as well as new blends for spring and summer. There will also be a few other surpirses included because I tend to get carried away and love gifting.

It will also include the blog subscription.

The MOON subscription will now include a seasonal intention box every equinox and solstice, a blog subscription, and PDF of occasional special content and seasonal zines.

The seasonal boxes will be curated and may include a variety of items like flower essences blends, mushroom elixirs, balms, oils, stones and crystals corresponding to the season, herbal remedies, local crafted items, and whatever amazing things I come across. I also hope to work with other magical businesses in the area to create something truly special every season.

The cost is $11.11 a month.

All previous credits earned in the old system will still be honored.

These changes are now live and the first shipments for both the SUN and MOON tiers will go out in December before the solstice.

You must be subscribed before the month of shipment.

Winter Solstice - you must have a subscription before December 1st.

Spring Equinox - you must have a subscription before March 1st.

Summer Solstice - you must have a subscription before June 1st.

Autumn Equinox - you must have a subscription before September 1st.

Thank you for your support, I truly appreciate all of you <3

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