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Summer Solstice Guidance

Between years of social media posts and writing the Summer Energy zine this year, I feel I have exhausted all I have to say on the subject of the Summer Solstice for now.

So rather than regurgitate past writings I thought I would do an oracle card pull, letting the cards share a message with you at this time instead.

I am using the Wild Unknown: Animal Spirit Oracle Deck, which is my favorite to use for readings that involve the seasons. I find them to be great reminder that I am in a "tiger" or "bee" phase for the time being. They offer amazing imagery and guidance to pay attention to and follow.

My hope is that they may do the same for you.


These three cards were pulled with my intention to highlight and gather any collective guidance for the next 6 months. From the summer solstice portal to the winter solstice portal.

Try not think about what you know awaits you in you the coming months, keep your mind and your intentions blank.

Give yourself space to trust your intuition and the message offered.

Take a few moments to look at the cards below and feel which one stands out to you most.





SEA SERPENT: HEALING EMOTIONAL WOUNDS, EXPRESSING DESIRES The sea serpent represents the energy of expression. Whether it's emotions, creativity, sensuality, and/or desire - the Sea serpent helps us move and direct our energy into a healthy current. When the essence of this card is in balance, we express ourselves creatively and sexually without fear or shame. We know what we desire most. our hearts are at ease and our relationships are meaningful and enduring. We loosen the grip of self-judgment, and we let the cool waters of forgiveness in to heal our wounds. When the energy of the sea serpent is not yet activated, our emotions and creativity are left in the muddy waters. The current of expression stagnates in some areas of our lives and in other places it floods. It's important to remember, no matter what the waters of our emotional lives look like, the sea serpent loves us just the same. Like a mother, she wraps herself around us in a gesture of protection. she supports us as we learn to express our true natures. THE SEA SERPENT AND THE SACRAL CHAKRA The subtle energy of the sea serpent occupies the area of the svadhisthana chakra. Located deep within the pelvic bowl, this chakra is known as our center of creativity and desire and is associated with the water element. Svadhisthana translates as "in her own abode," indicating this chakra is the home of the divine mother.


  1. Connect with water. Deep hydration and swimming will do you good!

  2. Get creative. Creativity is coloring, drawing, cooking, baking, gardening, something you’ve never done before like trying a new recipe or workout, or learning something new.

  3. Do some hip-opening yoga poses like butterfly or goddess pose.

  4. Practice the sacral chakra mantra - VAM, which means I FEEL.


TURTLE: ANCIENT SOUL, GROUNDED, TRUSTING, AT HOME IN THE SELF It is wonderful to be in the presence of a Turtle personality. Like the Beaver, the Turtle has a strong relationship with the earth and water elements simultaneously. This helps to ground and connect them to the deeper truths of life, no matter where their travels lead them. Turtle energy is behind all great writers and storytellers as they collect life experiences under their shells for later use. The most potent Turtle energy helps us close all the other books and begin to tell our own true tale. This is a time to be more self-reliant. If you've been to dependent on others, spend a bit of time in solitude to take time time to nurture yourself and simply observe and feel your emotions. This is a very creative, fertile time for you.

WHEN IN BALANCE: peaceful, adventurous, and productive

WHEN OUT OF BALANCE: slows down to a halt


MANTRA: Everything I need is already inside me.


  1. Stay grounded.

  2. Be patient.

  3. Be persistent and invoke determination.

  4. Look to ancient and ancestral wisdom for guidance.

  5. Do something nurturing for yourself.


DRAGON: SEEING ONE'S MOST TRUE SELF, BALANCING THE EGO The Dragon sees everything. Its essence has been with us since before our first breath and will be there at our last. It watches us navigate the external world as well as our inner world. When Dragon energy is awakened, we are courageous, visionary, and can easily drop into witness consciousness. It is almost as if we are traveling with a great friend inside of ourselves. When we look in the mircor, deep into our eyes, we may even glimpse the "self" behind the "self" the one who is watching us. This is the power of the Dragon breathing transformative fire into every cell of our bodies. witnessing this omnipotent energy, even for a brief moment, helps us surrender and let go. We let the Dragon guide us. we hop on its back for a ride, and as me traverse even the most difficult terrain, the Dragon's eyes see beauty everywhere. It is said that if a yogi does not see beauty in the world, their Agni is din. Agni is described as "inner fire" or "sacred intelligence." May even just the mention of the Dragon stir the embers of intelligence within you. THE DRAGON SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA The subtle energy of the Dragon lives at the navel center, in the Manipura chakra. Manipura translates to the "city of hidden gems" and behind its gates burns the fire of our transformation and digestion. The sages believe health of the fire at the navel center is what governs our ability to clearly "see" both the inner and outer dimensions. TIPS FOR OPENING THE SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA

  1. Connect with fire. Light a candle or spend lots of time in the sun.

  2. Change your routines, the solar plexus chakra is activated by variety and new experiences.

  3. Do yoga poses like warrior pose or sun salutations.

  4. Practice the solar plexus chakra mantra - RAM, which means I CAN.

And if you're wondering which card I pulled, it was the DRAGON. Which is laughably spot on for me at this time. Solar plexus work has been my main focus for months now.

Please feel free to share yours in the comments!

And have a blessed summer solstice <3 it's a great time to stay present.

Take a yoga class.

Go outside.

Play in water.

Sit in the sun.

Stare at the stars.



Sing loudly.

Do you whatever feels right to help you connect to the energy of this day.

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